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8.40 Regulation of cognition is labelled as metacognitive skills and regulation of skills, and is described in terms of executive control, functioning or cognition.
8.41 Regulation of cognition involves processes which can be ‘unstable’, rarely ‘statable’ and can be late developing and task dependent.
8.42 Metacognitive skills involve processes such as awareness, predicting, planning, revising, checking, reality testing, evaluating, coordinating, monitoring and control essential for successful problem solving.
8.43 Metacognitive skills can be trans-situational involving judgments regarding the applicability of strategies and type of regulation for problem solving situations.
8.44 Executive functioning involves interpreting, guiding, directing, orchestrating, supervising, managing, predicting, planning, scheduling, selecting options, checking, tracking, evaluating, revising, monitoring, controlling and regulating processes and strategies during problem solving.

See other related assertions on page 141-142 in the book The Taxonomy of Metacognition.

Diagram 8.5