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3.1 Critical reflection is an inductive process based upon beliefs and experiences, involving critical assessment and evaluation of understandings, knowledge and assumptions which form the basis of these beliefs.
3.3 Critical reflection instigates transformative learning and is reliant upon an internal dialectic aiding our understandings of new knowledge and critiquing prior knowledge.
3.4 Critical reflection is active, mind-regulated, dependent upon and requiring self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-discovery and self-understanding.
3.5 Critical knowing is a way of knowing, forming an understanding and awareness of oneself, identifying processes or strategies to be applied in problem solving situations.
3.6 Critical reflection is essential to facilitate metacognitive processes in complex problem solving contexts assisting the review, monitoring and control of strategies and processes.

See other related assertions on page 29 in the book The Taxonomy of Metacognition.

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