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9.7 Declarative knowledge includes two forms; domain (knowledge of reality domains) and cognitive knowledge (beliefs about thinking or propositional manner). (HOA.28)
9.8 Connotative knowledge relies upon declarative knowledge to facilitate associations made between objects. (HOA.29)
9.9 Knowledge of oneself or self-knowledge and knowledge of others as cognitive beings is categorised as the person subcategory of declarative knowledge or person metacognitive knowledge. (HOA.30)
9.10 Self-knowledge involves self-awareness, knowledge of strengths and weaknesses, knowledge of when one knows and does not, knowledge of strategies and applicability in different contexts. (HOA.31)
9.11 Self-knowledge is essential for knowledge and beliefs about one’s motivations. (HOA.32)
9.12 Beliefs about motivation are affected by self-efficacy judgments, task goals and task importance.
9.13 Knowledge of task and context including sensitivity to task is categorised as the task subcategory of declarative knowledge or task metacognitive knowledge. (HOA.33)
9.14 Task knowledge and sensitivity is supported by reflection. It enables awareness of task complexity, learner limitations and cognitive processes, and facilitates planning to meet task demands.
9.15 Strategy knowledge relies upon understanding, reflection and awareness of the value and transferability of different strategies in various contexts and tasks. It is especially important for complex problem solving.
9.16 Monitoring and control facilitates the development of strategy knowledge specifically their selection, application and revision in different task contexts.
9.17 Strategy knowledge develops through the interaction between person and task variables and is influenced by metacognitive experiences and the self-system. (HOA.34)
9.18 Strategy knowledge supports regulation such as planning, monitoring and control. (HOA.35)

See other related assertions on page 188 in the book The Taxonomy of Metacognition.

Diagram 10.1